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Land Clearing and Grading Services in Albemarle, North Carolina

Top Rated Land Clearing In Albemarle, NC

When it comes to land clearing in Albemarle, North Carolina we have the right tools to get the job done. We utilize a wide range of machines to handle the easiest and most complex land clearing jobs. If you need a half acre homesite cleared out, all the way up to large scale clearing for a commercial development McDonald Grading is here to help. Land clearing projects require a competent and insured land clearing contractor, and we are proud to be the go to guys for the job. 


Grading and Excavation Services in Albemarle, North Carolina


Grading and excavation services in Albemarle, NC are just one of the many services we offer here at McDonald Grading. Unlike a lot of companies that just over leverage a skid steer to try and take on more than they are capable of, we utilize purpose built bulldozers and excavators. We are capable of moving a lot of Earth, quickly, and safely. Our team can handle minor grading jobs all the way up to mass excavation. When it comes to prepping for a foundation our crew has unmatched experience and is set up to get your foundation level and properly compacted. If you need grading, leveling, or excavation services in Albemarle NC then give us a call today at 910-571-2327

Bulldozer Services In Albemarle, North Carolina

Dozer work in Albemarle, NC is one of our favorite services. The wide range of jobs we are capable of doing with our bulldozers is why we have become the most trusted name in dozer work in the greater Albemarle area. Bulldozers are great and both land clearing and excavation, and a lot of time for our clients, these two jobs go hand in hand. One of the pros of using a dozer for land clearing is that it will generally also level the land at the same time. This method kills two birds with one stone and often times ends up saving our clients both time and money. When leveling and grading land, a dozer cannot be match. With blades ranging from 8-11 feet wide we can level almost 2-3 times as much land as a skid steer per day. This level of efficiency will save you a ton of time and money. Regardless of the job we make sure we bring the right machines.


Pond and Lake Construction In Albemarle NC


Ponds and Lakes are one of the most rewarding features you can add to your property. A well built pond or lake can add enjoyment for generations to come. When building a pond in Albemarle, North Carolina there are a few things to make sure of. A well built pond is one of the best things money can buy, a poorly built pond can be an expensive nightmare. We are here to make sure that you only get the best pond or lake for your money. McDonald Grading is the most trusted pond builder in Albemarle NC for a good reason. We know what we are doing and make sure to only use the right, purpose built, equipment for the job. We will meet on site with you to go over your vision and provide our feedback to make sure the design and plan makes sense. We will go over the whole process and make sure you get a great quote for your pond construction project.  

Excavator Land Clearing In Albemarle North Carolina

Land clearing in Albemarle, NC is a task that can be tricky, lucky for us we utilize large excavators with thumbs. These machines allow us to pluck trees and make less of a mess when land clearing. By utilizing excavators for land clearing we minimize the amount of ruts we create and our tree piles will have much less dirt in them. This helps conserve the top soil layer and it is a very precise machine, meaning we can remove the trees and brush you want gone, and make sure we preserve your heritage trees. This piece of equipment really sets us apart from companies that only use bulldozers to clear land in Albemarle NC.


Get A Fast Free Quote Today!

McDonald Grading is a face to face company. We make sure we take the time to meet each and every one of our customers at their property and we will give you a firm, fixed price for the job. No beating around the bush, no general day rate. With McDonald Grading you will know exactly what you are getting and how much it costs. Our client relationship is very important to us and we aim to complete every job and impress you with our five star reputation.

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