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Land Clearing and Grading Services in Troy, North Carolina

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Land Clearing Services In Troy, North Carolina

McDonald Grading is your trusted contractor for land clearing and grading services in Troy, North Carolina and surrounding areas. We offer the BEST Bulldozer, Skid Steer, and Excavator services. Our crews are expert in land clearing, brush removal, tree removal, ponds and lakes, roads, fire lanes, and general excavation and grading. When it comes to excavation and land clearing we handle it all, give us a call today and get a fast free quote! (910) 571-2327

Equipment we utilize:
Skid Steer / Skid Loader


Top Rated Grading and Dirt Work In Troy, North Carolina

McDonald grading offers a wide range of land clearing and dirt work services all over North Carolina.

Our 5 Star Services In Troy North Carolina

  1. Pond Construction in Troy North Carolina - Our team of pond and lake experts can build you the water feature of your dream. We also offer pond renovation and expansion services. 

  2. Home Site Preparation - A strong foundation starts with a well prepared home site. When you need a home site in Troy, North Carolina trust McDonald Grading to handle everything. We can clear the site, haul off the material, and make sure everything is graded to drain properly. 

  3. Driveways in Troy North Carolina - Building a custom driveway is our specialty. Our dozer and skid loaders make quick work of clearing, grading, spreading base, and compacting. 

  4. General Excavating in Troy North Carolina - From trenching, grading, compacting, and mass excavation you can rest assured that our crew has handled a project similar to yours and able to make the job painless and on budget.


Land Clearing Services In Troy, North Carolina

Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Land clearing in Troy NC is what we are known for. Our crews have decades of experience handling both the most simple and complex land clearing jobs. Whether you need forestry mulching services, tree removal, brush clearing, site prep, anything else, we can get the job done right the first time!

Dozer Clearing

Our bulldozers and excavators make quick work of clearing out trees and brush. This is THE most proven method of land clearing. By digging the trees and brush up by the roots you are less likely to have invasive regrowth and no stumps to worry about. We can pile and burn the material, or have it hauled off. 

Fence Line Clearing

Fence line right of way clearing can be tricky. Everyone knows how thick things can get in Troy. Our machines can cut right through the trees and brush and give your fence contractors an easy right of way to install whatever type of fence your property needs. The mulch layer also discourages plant regrowth so you are less likely to have brush growing into your brand new fence.

New Home Construction Clearing

New home construction clearing in Troy is not always an easy task. We rely on our excavators and bulldozers to get this job done. Unfortunately you cannot mulch where a home pad will go so we are forced to clear trees and brush by digging them out here. Rest assured if you need this labor intensive task done, our crews are more than capable of handling it.

Who Can Benefit From Land Clearing?

When you clear your land in Troy, North Carolina there are a lot of positive upsides from your investment. 

Troy, North Carolina Landowners - Landowners in Troy, North Carolina can see an immediate improvement in their land, be able to access better views, cut down on cluttered and visually impairing understory. Landowners will often see their property as more valuable. Landowners in Troy will almost always see a reduction in pests, snakes, and other nuisance critters.

Troy, North Carolina Real Estate Developers - Developers will see a massive and almost instant ROI. Improved land much like staging a home, sells faster, and for money money. Clients are much more inclined to move quickly on buying property that has already been improved and cleared. Raw, jungle like land, can send potential buyers running.

Clearing land reduces the chances of wildfires. This alone is oftentimes a reason in itself from time to time. Wildfire is not always a huge concern in Troy but it does happen, and land that has been cleared has less fuel for wildfire.

About Us

We are a family owned company that has been service the Troy North Carolina community for over 5 years. We know the lay of the land, and can help make sure you are taken care of. When working with us you are treated with respect and a level of care only a small family business can provide. Give us a call today to see why Troy trusts us to clear their land.



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